If you or a close family member have been notified to appear before an immigration judge in a removal proceeding in the United States, do not worry; remember that you have constitutional rights.

The most important of these rights, is the right to be represented by an immigration attorney.

In the Law Offices of Eduardo Soto and Associates we are proud to say that we have been involved in successful cases against the United States immigration system.

We have victoriously faced legal proceedings in immigration tribunals, boards of appeals, litigation in federal courts and others.

We are in a constant legal battle to ensure the American dream of our customers.

The Law Office of Eduardo Soto and Associates handles the following types of proceedings on a regular basis:

Applications for Asylum and refugee petitions
Withholding of Removal petition
Appeals to the Board of Immigration Appeals
Lawsuits involving eligibility and processing for citizenship and naturalization
Petitions for Writ of Habeas Corpus on behalf of detained non-citizens
Petitions for Review of Appeals to the United States Circuit Courts of Appeals

Do not allow an immigration officer to discourage you in seeking the advice of a qualified immigration attorney.

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