There are many people who emigrate from their countries to the United States because they have a huge fear of returning.

If you are in the United States because he was a victim of political persecution, threats of social groups, civic, suffered intimidation by criminal groups, was frightened with his family by government officials, the judiciary or a similar reason; You and your family can qualify many immigration programs offered US Human Rights

In the buffet of lawyers Eduardo Soto and Associates, we have the experience in handling applications for political asylum, shelter, humanitarian programs for individuals and families seeking relief from a number of circumstances, including:

Religious persecution
Ethnic persecution
Racial persecution
Political persecution
Persecution origin
Persecution for belonging to a certain group

Where to asylum and others should be carefully documented, and that the US government requires strong evidence to grant a request of this nature.

With over 20 years of legal practice in the US immigration system, the legal firm of Eduardo Soto and Associates has the capacity to undertake such a complex procedure.

We have a long history and many references of satisfied customers. Do not hesitate to call, you have the best legal representation in the country.

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