Despite severe criticism from international institutions, multilateral agencies and the United Nations Organization against U.S. immigration policy, deportation is a daily activity that takes place in the country where the “American dream” was born.

The psychological and physical consequences can last a lifetime, but there are alternatives that can be done to prevent you or a loved one experienced something of that nature.

The law office of Eduardo Soto and Associates specializes in removal proceedings.

With more than 20 years of experience in the U.S. immigration system, we are sufficiently trained to deal with any process, no matter how complicated it is.

We have cases that have been real life examples, like the José Rodríguez Portillo case, a Salvadoran citizen and the Maria Castillo case, a native from Colombia.

Both proceedings ended up with happy endings, a proud moment for the law office of Eduardo Soto and Associates.

Both people were wrongly deported to their country of origin by immigration agents, but after a few months of hard and meticulous work from our legal team, they were reunited with their families in the United States.

Read some of the articles published in international and national press about the cases mentioned:


A Miami man spent three months in El Salvador after wrongfully being deported


If you or a loved one is in removal proceedings, or have been already deported from the country, please contact us.

We are committed to study your case in depth to provide all possible immigration options, and thus, legalize your status.

Here are some of the legal processes we currently performed in the law office.

Removal Proceeding Defense
Bond Hearings
Immigration Appeals
Post conviction proceedings

Defending a removal proceeding requires experience in providing a proper and aggressive legal defense.

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