Within the immigration policies of the United States, Visas are a key factor to meet for most people wanting to enter the country, whether is to visit, work or for pleasure.

A visa is an obligatory requirement established by the US Customs and Immigration Services for all foreign citizens from countries that do not have an immigration agreement with the United States and wish to enter the country.

Most European and some Asian countries are exempt from this requirement, through the Visa Waiver Program, provided they remain for up to three months only in the country.

But it is essential that if a person wants to work or extend their stay, regardless of their country of origin, for an immigration status change.
The law office of Eduardo Soto and Associates have a Visa Department which specializes in helping people reunite with their loved ones, get work permits, and find a path to residency.

There are two main kinds of visas in the U.S.: Immigrant Visas and Non – Immigrant Visas

Our attorneys and paralegals have the necessary experience to help you get the proper document that fits your needs. The Visa Department at the law office of Eduardo Soto and Associates specializes in all types of visas/permits that the U.S. government provides to foreign nationals.

If you are thinking of applying for this document, please contact us in advance for advice and favorable results.

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